Echoes of the forgotten

Photo prompt: Jodi McKinney. Thanks Jodi!

They rise with the fleeing mist, dragged from moisture darkened earth into the muted dusk, puppets of that uncertain time that bridges night and day. Oblivious to victory or aftermath, two groups of shadows coalesce, then lurch, all but purpose lost. A cry to curdle blood signals an unrelenting charge, carbine and riffle retort giving way to the clash of sabre as brother meets brother, north and south a line as muddied as the field.

The incorporeal mesh and fall, a tangle of swirling grey that slowly dissipates with their cries, bleeding into the rich soil and the cloud-streaked sky.

The barking of a nearby dog falters.

Quiet descends.


By Sally-Ann Hodgekiss.  

Thank you to the challenge host, Priceless Joy, for this weeks FFfAW Challenge. For more information visit HERE.





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