About me

Forty-something, mother of two boys with a full time job and not enough hours in the day to have time to appreciate any of it.

Likes: My family (other people’s families give me the willies), travel, writing, clouds, random conversations with strangers, the feel of a brand new toothbrush, indie music, British dramas, black and white photography

Dislikes: Cold and windy days, impatient people, reality TV, traffic, people who misuse the words ‘brought’ and ‘bought’ or want to give me ‘somethink’, having my spare time managed

Random things you may or may not need to know: I can’t spell, I hate mornings, whoever invented irons and ironing should have found something more useful to do with their time, if there is a wrong thing to say in most situations, I can usually be counted upon to say it first.

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